Saturday, 22 February 2014

TUGS: the second set

Yesterday I showed you the start of the process of making TUGS (the boats from the TV series.

Today I'll show you the finished articles. As the title says, these are actually the second set of TUGS, those missing from the first set, which I discover I haven't shown you. So you can see the second set first and the first set second!

I found pictures of the characters on Google images and copy and pasted them onto a document so I could reduce and print them and get the likenesses easily. This one is Izzy Gomez (who I now discover is also a singer...confusing).

Then I laid the boats on their images while all the gluey bits dried before painting them in acrylics.

That made sure we got them the right colours when we painted...I say 'we' cos boy helped too, liberally slathering every wooden inch in clumps of paint. If a job's worth doing (ie forced into it as a half term activity to get you away from a screen) then it's worth doing generously in the hopes it'll be over quicker!

And here are some of the finished TUGS: Dixon, Wilbur, Gaz, Fire Tug, Billy Shoepack and Boomer.

It's hard to know which angle does them justice so here's a variety...

The background is a large sheet of mountboard painted with the features mentioned in the videos: Captain Star's harbour, The Zed stacks area, the open sea, Lucky's yard, the docks and 'up river'. I made this last time around when I made the first set. 

A veritable flotilla or maybe its the Regatta from one of the episodes!!

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