Thursday, 21 July 2016

Dead Tree

During this hot, hot week, I went for a walk in Hatchlands Park (National Trust) in Clandon, where the woodland offers shade and coolness.

Throughout the vast parkland there are lovely huge live trees but also several thoroughly dead trees standing in their stark, bleached glory.

They are nowhere near the paths so are perfectly safe to be left to the machinations of nature to dispose of them in its own sweet time.

Very dramatic and suitable for creepy films!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Planet bookshelf!

Time for another Tiny Planet. 

The most simple picture, preferably using straight lines, will make the most fascinating curved planet or curled landscape.

Like this

Similarly a book-print cushion from this

To this

The App continues to fascinate me, mostly its power to transform the dull and straight to the interesting and curled. If you try with something already complicated or already quite beautiful, it has disappointing and dull results.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Machines With Faces

Here are some of the cute-faced machines in the abandoned construction building at Guildford college (see previous blog pages).

Look at his happy little face and beautiful pale blue body = )

Cartoony dog face.

Surprised yellow machine face.

Little hidden Ninja face

Funky dude with shades

Robot monster with teeth.

Winking one with serious eyebrow pencil work

Two little wary twins

In need of dental work

And the two favourite faces, both of which we bought = )

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Arty pics in the Abandoned Buildings

Here, as promised, are the arty pics I took in the abandoned Guildford College Construction building (see the last 2 blogs for more).

Coloured patterns of sunlight through the window protector.

A beautiful stainless steel trough sink.

Wood shavings on the floor.

Sunlight and shadow on the lino floor.

Definitely NOT a dead body! It's only the size of a window catch but I didn't unwrap it to find out what it was.

Double reinforced window guard.

Dead tripods with their feet in the air.

A mysterious figure (me) trying to take a photo whilst not dropping the 2 pairs of welding goggles and wooden box of treasure I'd found and intended to purchase.

Next blog will be some of the faces I found in the machinery.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Junk and Treasure

More from the abandoned construction building (see yesterday's blog).
So I showed you some of the building and promised you... STUFF!

Rolls of textured wallpaper

Scaffolding poles

I have no idea


Fan (this one I know)

Fascinating old sinks

And an ancient old thing-a-mi-jig (or possibly a watch-a-me-call-it)?

Next time some arty photos in the place and after that a confession of purchases.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Abandoned Construction Building

Guildford College held a sale on Saturday to sell off as much construction material as it could, having closed down the building and moved the course a few years ago.

It was a great chance to have a nose round the abandoned floors and take photos.

Some room were so low that a hard hat would have been useful. It felt like a subterranean boiler room in places.

These are cute little sub-divided pretend room-ettes for students to practise their decorating skills in.

The view over the roof

Weird little floor level roof and chimney, literally at your feet as you walk along to enter the building.

And view from the top floor of the building, out across Guildford with the Cathedral a distant point on the horizon.

The land has been sold by the college for flats (I'm assuming for demolition and rebuilding rather than re purposing), although I'll be surprised if what replaces it will be as strong and sturdy as what is demolished, but then that's progress for you.

More goodies to follow soon as I show you some of the treasure and trash within.