Saturday, 6 September 2014

Pikmin Shoes

I thought I'd already blogged these but it seems I haven't so here they are.

As said in previous blogs, I have a son who ADORES the three Pikmin games but there's a limited supply of merchandise that can be found or afforded so we made our own.
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These are a cheap pair of Primark plimsolls, permanent marker and acrylic paint and a lot of poring over the internet to find draw-able images.

He has both worn them out and grown out of them now so they are no more. However they are now commemorated on the everlasting internet!
If you want to see other decorated shoes I've done look back to Feb 2013 and May 2013 for Sonic the hedgehog, Dr Who and Totoro.

OH! Having just checked these out myself to see the subject matter (as I just called them 'painting on shoes 1, 2 and 3, I see I have blogged these before... DOH!) Never mind.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lights and Fires!

This year has been a good one for sitting in the garden late into the evening and burning things (Pyromaniacs? Yes but safely I promise!).

We have managed 6 barbecues and then just continued on sticking twigs (and other interesting combustibles) into the Chiminea to carry on the warmth, the fun and the flames!

Here are a few lovely flame-y pictures to cheer you up as the nights start creeping in earlier and summer feels like a distant memory at times.

As many candles and lanterns as we could find around the house,

all piled on the garden table.

Sticks and twigs crackling away merrily in the chiminea.

Like an egg-inferno. All it needs now is to hatch a phoenix from the ashes in the morning!

Feel the warmth!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Cake Bunting

Bunting has been very 'in' for quite a while now. 

This seems to be one of the latest developments for the fashion: cake bunting!

It's the same shape as ordinary bunting, just in miniature to fit on a cake.

I'd seen a packet of it in Paperchase and thought I'd have a go myself for my sister's birthday cake. The bunting itself was easy enough to make: find paper with a small pattern, fold it over in a long thin strip so that when you cut a triangle you actually cut a diamond folded in half. Then glue the folded diamond over a long piece of cotton with trimmed barbecue sticks every so often...

The tricky bit was not knowing the size the cake would be (as I hadn't made it) so I left the string bits a little too long between the sticks.

It still looked pretty and delicate, but my advice would be... make the cake first then make the bunting to fit the size of the cake (and make sure you don't set fire to it along with the candles of course!!).

Monday, 1 September 2014

Walking on Water

No I don't have photos of the biblical event but, during my Sculpey modelling days (which are currently behind me although I feel them creeping up on me again), I made the scene of Jesus walking on the water and asking St Peter to walk to him across the waves.
Here is the result from several different angles.

I made the water for them to stand on but now I've used the green organza fabric as a background, it kind of looks like they're on a surfboard!