Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lights and Fires!

This year has been a good one for sitting in the garden late into the evening and burning things (Pyromaniacs? Yes but safely I promise!).

We have managed 6 barbecues and then just continued on sticking twigs (and other interesting combustibles) into the Chiminea to carry on the warmth, the fun and the flames!

Here are a few lovely flame-y pictures to cheer you up as the nights start creeping in earlier and summer feels like a distant memory at times.

As many candles and lanterns as we could find around the house,

all piled on the garden table.

Sticks and twigs crackling away merrily in the chiminea.

Like an egg-inferno. All it needs now is to hatch a phoenix from the ashes in the morning!

Feel the warmth!

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