Tuesday, 29 September 2015

The Moon Seed

This is a mini book I made which is about a seed but is also an allegory for being different and accepting yourself as you are.
I hope you like it.

This is the front cover

 And this is the blurb on the back

And here is where the story begins...

The pictures were made on scratch card: card with a black surface but with a core of a different colour which is revealed when you scratch through.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunflowers in all their Glory

At the start of the growing season this Spring, I bought a packet of mixed sunflower seeds that showed 8 different varieties that could flower and produce cut flowers for vases indoors. I planted all 8 and guarded them from slug attack. Although not all survived and /or flourished, those planted near the courgettes benefitted from the feed the courgettes had, and did magnificently.

Here they are:

It is certainly an experiment I will repeat again next year. I've not managed to get hold of a picture drawn by husband on his tablet devices to put on this page (he didn't manage to capture what he wanted so he hasn't posted any for me to re-direct you to. Oooh these arty types. You know the dangerous mix of arty temperaments and sunflowers).
Never mind. Enjoy what nature did with them.



Saturday, 26 September 2015


It shows how infrequent my posts are at the moment, that I can go from early stages of the veg patch to harvest in just 4 posts. Sorry. Will try harder to  post more. There are loads of pics I have to share with you,,, just work is eating up my life and the need for sleep claims the rest!

Anyway... the veg patch did its level best and here are some of the results:

 Potatoes were planted in an old plastic dustbin (seeing as they are unwanted now that we have wheelie bins). It's very useful 'cos you can fill it halfway and plant, then put the lid back on to keep them in the dark while they sprout. After that, just keep topping up with soil as the plants grow, until you reach near the top of the bin, then leave them to grow out. The bin holds water nicely (with drainage holes in the bottom), and when harvest time comes, just tip the plant and soil out onto a plastic sheet - no need to dig!

I bought 3 different tomato plants and these looked like love hearts... cute but not much on the flavour front.

As for the rest, it included runner beans, yellow courgettes, a surprise cucumber (that I bought in the green courgette section of the garden centre), many tomatoes, blueberries and blackberries (which are allowed to grow in a side area of the patch as long as they submit to being heavily pruned to prevent them becoming a mono-crop!!!).

My other main crop this year was sunflowers and I'll feature those next time. My husband went all Van Gough on them, so I'll see if I can get hold of one of his artworks too.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Sad Toilet

Is this the face of the saddest toilet you have ever seen?

Maybe it knows what is to come in its life. Poor thing  = (


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Amigurumi Crab Fight

Sorry I've been gone for so long... so much to do so little time!

And I left you hanging with a 'guess what this is?' question, which I have not yet answered. I will get back to it but not just yet.

It has been a busy, crafty, garden-y summer so I have lots to show you, if you want to see it.

Here are the aforementioned Amigurumi crabs...

This one has button eyes on stalks and felt claws.

I crocheted stitches round pipe cleaners so the legs were pose-able.

This one has bead eyes with no stalks, so he's not quite so stare-y.

They are rather territorial so when they get together, they inevitably fight.

And the only thing likely to stop them is the unexpected arrival of an unknown threat.

A robotic mutant-crab (otherwise known as Allen keys... but they are not to know that).