Thursday, 13 April 2017

Back to Websters

A while ago,  I was drawing in a book called A Pictorial Websters - a book which takes a single image from the original Websters book per page and encourages you to write or draw to fill in the rest of the page. 

I'd put the book down somewhere in the house and buried it but, having found it, have had another go at some of the remaining pages...

Here's the starter

And here's the finish...

Stupid I know but I enjoyed it.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Mary Watts

Sorry its been so long.
Here, as promised, is a sample of some of the work of Mary Watts and the people she worked with.

One of the most fascinating and admirable things about Mary Watts (in my opinion), is the fact that she didn't just support her husband's talent and career or pursue her own art (even though he was immensely proud and encouraging of her), but set about many collaborative projects that involved most of the local community in making and creating things, the most famous of which is the chapel in Compton.

They were given training and the chance to leave their mark, whatever their station in life - the couple were very keen on social change and on treating all peoples with dignity and respect.

Entry to the chapel is free, although there is a charge to go into all the other places on the site.

Mary was very influenced by ancient Egyptian art and Celtic patterns and this is reflected throughout her work and into the graveyard.

Much more information on her on the internet if this has whetted your appetite. I'm about to start reading her diary.