Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lenticular Dr Who

Between the two of us (hubby and I) it's been a bit of a Dr Who lenticular Christmas. Lenticular images are those ones that change as you tip them, are coated with tiny plastic ridges and make that lovely buzzy sound when you scrape your nails backwards and forwards over them.

I got a 3d monsters picture from my neice, although it was a devil to photograph cos it reflects the light exactly where you don't want it and of course YOU can't see the 3d-edness of it, but here's a try anyway...

The colour doesn't change that drastically, that was just me trying to photograph it in two different rooms in the house.

And husband .... well we were out together Christmas shopping and wandering around in Marks and Spencer when we walked towards each other both holding this!

I was trying to keep it out of his view cos I thought he might want it for Christmas and he was holding one out to me saying "I'd really like THIS for Christmas" ! 

I have photographed the same unmoved pieces twice, from two different angles, so you may see some colour/ image change.

I'll let you know it it was easy or ridiculously hard to put together when we've had a go.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Wrapping up Christmas

Sooner or later you have to face the fact that the frantic build up to the festive period is over and we are leaving Christmasville. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to blog the last of the Christmas-related bits before we move on.

Firstly the pastel Sculpey Nativity set I promised you...

Then owls on a Christmas tree, bathed in sunlight and sparkle...

And lastly what you get if you twist your camera as you take a photo of your Christmas tree lights... did you try it?

A vortex of electric colour!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Legend of Zelda in a Box!

300 POSTS! Yesterday we reached 300 posts on this blog and I have been going for nearly a year, since my daughter taught me how to do this techno-stuff. Thanks Rosie.

So today, by way of thanks to her, I'll post her Legend of Zelda pop-up box that I made her for Christmas.

This is the box from the pound shop. It's one of those pop-up cardboard ones that is covered with a man-made papery fibre and zips up across the bottom.

So you can store it flat until you need it, then fill it full of stuff.

I drew on it with one of my beloved permanent markers (gorgeous hubby bought me loads of new ones for Christmas!),


then coloured it in with fabric pens, though as it will never be ironed or go through the wash, means it could be done with any felt pens really.

 I copied the pics from Google images but they could be traced.

 She loves the cartoony-style version best thank goodness, not sure I could do the others.
 The white papery-ness of the fabric is quite easy to draw and colour on.

So the finished box looks something like this...

and has been well used already!

Friday, 27 December 2013

Matchbox Nativity Extended

Remember a few days ago I showed you the Nativity scene I had made of Mary and Joseph in a matchbox? 

Like this...

Well I used two more matchboxes to extend the scene so we could give one to my Mum and one to my Mum-in-law for Christmas. 

Here they are

And altogether they make this!

If you can still bear Christmassy things then tune in to see more tree pics including what happens when you go to take a photo of all the tree lights and sharply twist the camera just as you press the shutter. If you've never done it then gve it a go and see for yourself!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Tardis Tree

I hope your household is full of cheer and goodwill (although sometimes that takes a lot of effort and forgiveness).

Here is the Tardis Tree I have been working on in Advent so that all the monsters from the Who-vent Calendar can gather round and sing carols of death to their mortal enemy: the Doctor. What a seasonally cheery thought, no peace or goodwill there then!

The plans.

The prototype.

 The painted version.

The rings of the Tardis.

The monsters gather.

An aeriel shot.
Merry Christmas and a sad farewell to Matt Smith as a fabulous Doctor. We will miss you.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013


This is the front of our local church...

This is a view from the inside looking out (note you can see the vague outline of Christmas lights on the outside...

and this is what the lights look like when it gets dark!!

There's a star, angels, Mary Joseph and baby Jesus then the new installation this year was the gigantic letters O.M.G.
It's caused a bit of a stir in the local area and on Twitter I hear.

Last Who-vent figure was a rather angelic-looking Dalek

and here's the whole set before I took them all out and did a crafty-Who thing with them ready for tomorrow's blog... tune in when you have time!

Whatever the weird time system may tell you, here it is still Christmas eve... just!

Monday, 23 December 2013


I forgot to say that we did eventually put up our Christmas tree just before the children broke up from school and, after a few problems finding lights, it got decorated by the children (mostly Rosie) and stands proudly in the corner hiding four very large fabric owls in it's midst.

The pink glittery salt dough ("bread-white") heart is a new addition this year, made by Stephen at school.

And this was taken on a beautiful sunny day (ie yesterday and definitely NOT today or any of the other days we've had recently!!).

Who-vent is... did you guess right?... an Ood!

Now there's only one more to go! Any guesses?

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Mary and Joseph Travelling

The vicar at our local church bought a Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus statue set  from the internet and with it came a spare Mary and Joseph the owner wanted to pass on. What to do with an extra Holy Couple?

Well the idea arose that it would be good to send them around the parish to visit different households and spend the night with them, much as the real couple may have to have done on their travels to Bethlehem, except by car this time not donkey! They would start their journey on Dec 1st, finish it by arriving back at the church for the crib service on Dec 24th and then Jesus would appear on 25th.

And so it came to pass that each evening they would be transported to a new household that had volunteered to have them, the hosts would photograph them joining in with their family and upload the picture to an online Advent Calendar and pass them on the next day.

Here are a couple of pics of the day they came to us...

They enjoyed the new technology and helping out with household tasks, but all that travelling is tiring!

If you are interested in seeing all the pictures on the Advent calendar, click on the link and check it out http://www.stpetersguildford.org/#/advent-calendar/4570471838

Meanwhile on the Who-vent Calendar here is today's offering  

If you are of a predictive turn of mind, you might be able to work out which monster we have only had 2 of, and guess that one of the remaining doors should contain that. My son turned the calendar sideways and peeked along the row to see what 24th was going to be, so no surprise there for us!

He also declared there should be a green Dalek instead of 2 reds (I suppose they never made a green one cos it looked too environmentally friendly to destroy entire planets and their populations) so in future Who-vent views you may see it change from red to green.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the first anniversary of my nephew and his wife's marriage, so this blog goes out firstly to them and secondly to those that feel 'Who-less' because I ran out of time to blog yesterday's Who-vent calendar (sorry).

So here are a few arty pics from their BIG DAY as a reminder and celebration of the wonderful time we all had together.


Keep appreciating each other and take stock every so often to make sure  little niggles aren't creeping in.

Here's to the next year and many more to follow!

And on the Who-front: a Cyberman in his row and a yellow Dalek in his row.

Only a few more days to go!!!