Saturday, 28 December 2013

Legend of Zelda in a Box!

300 POSTS! Yesterday we reached 300 posts on this blog and I have been going for nearly a year, since my daughter taught me how to do this techno-stuff. Thanks Rosie.

So today, by way of thanks to her, I'll post her Legend of Zelda pop-up box that I made her for Christmas.

This is the box from the pound shop. It's one of those pop-up cardboard ones that is covered with a man-made papery fibre and zips up across the bottom.

So you can store it flat until you need it, then fill it full of stuff.

I drew on it with one of my beloved permanent markers (gorgeous hubby bought me loads of new ones for Christmas!),


then coloured it in with fabric pens, though as it will never be ironed or go through the wash, means it could be done with any felt pens really.

 I copied the pics from Google images but they could be traced.

 She loves the cartoony-style version best thank goodness, not sure I could do the others.
 The white papery-ness of the fabric is quite easy to draw and colour on.

So the finished box looks something like this...

and has been well used already!

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