Monday, 26 March 2018

Last of the Life Drawing

These are the last of the pics from the Life Drawing event we used to go to. 

It was a Greek Myths kind of theme: crowns, suffering, cloaks, Minotaur heads, you get the picture,

(not sure how the stripy socks fitted in but they were fun to draw)

A mixture of pen, pencil and coloured pencil.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Harry Potter at Sainsburys

I'm not generally persuaded by Harry Potter merchandise (see blogs about the shop at the Harry Potter Exhibition where I was mainly swayed by the Honeydukes chocolate and the Marauder's list pad and un-tempted by the rest of the goodies on sale, however I gave in to these in the new Sainsbury's range.

Back and front page of the Marauder's note book - I love the fact that every page proclaims in the corner "mischief managed" (see below pic, nestled underneath)... now I just have to think of enough mischief to fill the pages!

And then there is the rather elegantly embossed Hogwarts notebook, each page printed with a red seal.

Not sure what I'm going to use them for yet but I'll keep you posted if I find a purpose  : )

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Mothering Sunday Goodies

I am in generous mode as I bought myself a packet of 11 single Twirls (chocolate bars) in case neither of my children would think of it for Mothering Sunday... and then my daughter bought me three packets of the same thing!!!

I have taken the original packet to work and have been treating people as the need arises (thanks/ bad day/ hunger/ etc).

In the centre of the picture is the cute needle-felted hamster she made me

and behind the packets of chocolate are the stickers (a little too padded for use in my Bujo but destined for fun elsewhere).

All this and two hand-drawn cards and a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (from my son). 
Thank you my offspring.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

March Bujo

Before we start the March pages, here's a last one from February, where the colour theme was brown with little green sprouts...

And for March, I decided to use one of the Washi-type tapes I bought in August and have not opened so far. That dictated the colour scheme for anything I drew and wrote

The weird things is, when I next went into Sainsbury's (when Valentines Day was over so they could fill the place with must-haves for your home for Spring) they had used the self same colours.

Or maybe my choice was subliminally directed by years of that colour choice by the marketing industry and I had never noticed. Or maybe these REALLY ARE the colours of Spring - it's official!

But at least I remembered to photograph my March pages before writing on them this time!!!

I'll let you know how many petals of the 'craft-daffodil' I manage to fill this month - halfway through the month and I've only written in one petal so far!

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

February Bujo pages

I am following a bit of a colour theme for the first year of keeping a Bujo so September was orange, October was plum and fat (like ripe fruit), November black and white (cos it feels bare), December the traditional green red and white, January was turquoise and icy so now to February.

It felt right to be a bare muddy brown with tiny green shoots of promise just breaking the surface of the soil.
I keep intending to remember to take a photo of the page before I start to write on it but mostly forget, hence the strips of white paper covering the personal event bits.

The to do lists are like little underground chambers waiting to be filled... and filled they became.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Life Drawing- more 'not famous' people

Here are some other sketches from the life drawing sessions husband and I used to go to in the pub (where they had to put brown paper over the windows so people didn't just look in and see naked people laying all over the place in a pub).

 A sad bunny from Alice in Wonderland,

And then characters from various Greek myths

More to come...

Friday, 9 March 2018

Life Drawing - the 'not-famous' people

Husband and I used to be lucky enough to get to life drawing events run in a pub so these are from that happy era.

These were Alice in Wonderland themed so if there are props, that will be where they are from

Sometimes I just added bits in, like the toadstools

Many of these were pencil sketches that I inked in afterwards. Some were biro... I love a good thick black Bic biro (sounds like a tongue twister!).

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Life drawing- A bit of a thing about Adam Ant

These are some drawings I did at various stages of his career.
This one in biro from the video where he was wearing a suit of armour and Lulu was the damsel in distress (not a very good likeness but a lovely biro exercise).

This in wax crayon from a concert video (my favourite pic - in profile with the white stripe across the nose).

Lots of focus pics on the eyes using pencil

And a last one in biro and wax crayon