Monday, 11 June 2018

Missing the veg patch

Sorry for the delay... Spring sprang, the garden went wild and someone had to tame the jungle!

Husband had a huge gorgeous art shed installed on my veg patch two years ago, which i didn't think I'd miss... but I did.

So a friend with strong muscles came over and helped dig these three patches for me to plant

Yes I know they look rather like three graves but I promise you there are no bodies beneath... just veg seeds.

They have been planted since and I'll let you know how they are getting on as they grow!

Friday, 1 June 2018

Bluebells Don't Have to be Blue!

Here are some of the Bluebells we had in our garden this year...

Traditional blue (not totally traditional as these are the Spanish type that are sweeping the country, rather than the smaller native type, but still lovely!),

White (clump forming rather that little black seed-balls going everywhere to take over the world like the Spanish ones)

and pretty in pink.

All gone now and the remaining leaves turning to slippery mush and giving an annoying hiding place to the slugs and snails that are out to ravish my garden!