Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lenticular Dr Who

Between the two of us (hubby and I) it's been a bit of a Dr Who lenticular Christmas. Lenticular images are those ones that change as you tip them, are coated with tiny plastic ridges and make that lovely buzzy sound when you scrape your nails backwards and forwards over them.

I got a 3d monsters picture from my neice, although it was a devil to photograph cos it reflects the light exactly where you don't want it and of course YOU can't see the 3d-edness of it, but here's a try anyway...

The colour doesn't change that drastically, that was just me trying to photograph it in two different rooms in the house.

And husband .... well we were out together Christmas shopping and wandering around in Marks and Spencer when we walked towards each other both holding this!

I was trying to keep it out of his view cos I thought he might want it for Christmas and he was holding one out to me saying "I'd really like THIS for Christmas" ! 

I have photographed the same unmoved pieces twice, from two different angles, so you may see some colour/ image change.

I'll let you know it it was easy or ridiculously hard to put together when we've had a go.

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