Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tardis Love

"...And they call Tardis Lu-hu-uh-uvve" (Think Puppy love and apply the words to the tune!!)

At the youth group we run, we always try to provide a craft that will appeal to the teens but also be fun for the leaders to join in with. This time, with Valentine's Day fast approaching, we bought fabric hearts for them to decorate with felt pens, buttons or sequins.

My demo model HAD to be Dr Who related, to show that you didn't have to make it for a boy, a girl or even anyone else at all (and NOT just cos I'm Dr Who obsessed!!!).

Here's the back (and what the front looked like before the sewing commenced)

and here's the front.

And here are the pictures of the happy couple together

Lots of selfies...

and a few romantic candlelit ones!

Well done if you survived another Valentine's Day, with or without a Tardis to love.

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