Monday, 24 February 2014

Star TUGS and Zed Stacks! The First Set.

These, as promised but a day late, are the first set of TUGS I made  for my son, who is generally obsessed by many things from years ago where toys can no longer be purchased (or never could). 

He always has great faith I can make them for him and generally accepts the results without comment (good or bad... that's Autism for you).

Here's an aeriel shot, artistically arranged by his sister, who was about to tidy them up for him before I shouted "Wait! I have to photograph those for the blog before you clear them up!" Being balsa, one clumsily placed foot and they are matchsticks!

These are the Zed Stacks (Boo, hiss), arch rivals of the heroic Star Tugs below. Zed stacks and their owner tend to be unscrupulous and obsessed by nothing more than proffit!

The Star Tugs, by comparison, are honourable and try to do good to everyone, even when that entails considerable personal cost or risk to their own safety to help others (HOORAY!) !

OJ is a wise old timer, Lilly Lightship the only female (and sounds like a bit of a siren when she talks: the alluring kind not the alert type!!) and Grampus is an old military submarine: outdated and due for demolition by explosion by the heartless Naval Powers That Be (OH NO I hear you cry...Surely not!...Can nothing be done to save him???).

There are episodes from fellow addicts to be found on Youtube so my son is not alone, and nor would you be if you join the ranks of the faithful, or the just plain curious!

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