Monday, 20 April 2015

Spring Springing!

Here's a bit of Spring springing from my garden. The conditions are right... ie I don't do much to the garden which makes it think it has the liberty to take over and revert to the wild... so a shady area under a tree has decided to go all woodland and plant itself with primroses.

About 3 years ago they first appeared from nowhere, last year they multiplied like mad and spread under the tree, and this year they're all over the lawn too!

As you can see from the bottom right hand corner, there are violets popping their seeds as well so the patio is peppered like this...

I think they're lovely but, as they cause bees to appear in the garden, my son is very concerned and it has added to his reasons NOT to go in the garden at all until winter "When it is safe".

More of that anon.

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