Saturday, 25 April 2015

Save Me From Bees!

There are many things in life our boy is not frightened of (some that he maybe should have a healthy wariness about and doesn't) but one of the things he has an over the top in fear of is bees and now, by association, any small flying buzzing or non-buzzing thing.

Consequently any attempt to open a window in the house to let in the fresh air, any opening of car windows to let out excessive heat, is a cause of major tantrum and meltdown in case insects of any type get in!

Solution? Make netting shields for the windows thus...

They are made from very fine netting like the stuff tutu skirts are made from. It looks quite large here but it isn't. The window covered just looks very slightly cloudier than its counterparts but I had to take the picture like this otherwise you might not have seen there was netting there at all!

Firstly I measured the windows and cut the fabric to fit with an extra 2 centimetres round all the edges.

Then I cut small squares of sticky-backed Velcro and stuck them to the window frames on each corner and at intervals in between.

Next I sewed the corresponding furry Velcro stuff to the  netting in the same places. Who knew you could buy Velcro where one side is sticky and its corresponding partner is sew-able? Not me but its very clever!

Hey the Velcro squares look like Tardis windows! (Oh, no, she's off again on her Tardis fixation)

The result is tightly fitting shields that stop any creature coming in but still let the air through.

I thought that was problem solved but no. Apparently they still let the buzz noise through and that is unacceptable. There's no winning with Autism. We will persevere and I intend to gradually cover the rest of the house and maybe the car too if I have to.

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