Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Long Time No See

Hello and, having checked the last time I posted a new blog page, Happy New Year. I have been very remiss. The causes are manifold and computery.

First I am not at all tech so when my email kept getting hacked  and spamming friends and family, my lovely tech-savvy husband took everything off the computer and reinstalled the basics... meaning I had no photos on there and was not sure how to use the new stuff and settings.

Secondly I was persuaded to go all new-fangled onto an old i-phone of my husband's to take photos (not phone calls or internet... I'm not THAT fast!) so then had no idea how to upload them to anything.

Lastly I got  lap top (ooh, get me!) and still have very little idea how to use it but am now keeping a notebook on how to do stuff with it when tech-hubby shows me (painstakingly and patiently) how to do it!!

So this is my first, ALL BRAND NEW, blog page done on a laptop using photos from the i-phone.

Here's a photo to check it works and then we'll soon get back to proper crafty makes and fun stuff!

Oh poop! I have tried twice and it only gets as far as choosing the picture and not uploading it to the page.

Never mind! Have a texty letter and I'll get back to you when I've had my next lesson on how to use this pesky new technology!

Wait a flipping doggone minute! I've only gone and done it this this time. Yay me!
This is picture of Brighton pavilion taken during the Easter holidays on a beautiful blu sky day.
I'm back in business!!

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