Monday, 24 June 2013

Wimbledon 2013 - or Anyone for Dennis?

There are those who play tennis to win: the driven, the motivated, the up and coming, the desperate. There are those who play tennis for fun: small kids, good friends, the 'keep-fit' brigade. 

 Dennis and his partner Doris met on the tennis court when they were in their early twenties, became a pair, made many jokes about courting and eventually formed a love match! (Groan - How many puns and cliches can you get in one sentence? Answer: quite a few, we're British!!).

And if you're wondering why Doris is holding a badminton shuttlecock...that'll be because it's Monday. They always give themselves a break from tennis on a Monday and play badminton instead. 

Sometimes they play mixed doubles with their friends Irene and Terry , the winning hairdressers from the Hairdresser of the Year Award and yes, THEY are very competitive. (Blog April 30th)

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