Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Heirs to the Throne (Sockletania part 2)

The King and Queen of Sockletania have two sons, pictured below. As young boys they were the darlings of the Kingdom and crowds would gather to see the little princes.

Now they are both older teenagers and very different in personality to each other. The older prince (heir apparent), on the left, is a chilled out dude: clever, sporty with laid-back, easy manners. The younger prince (by just one year) is finding his teenage phase harder to be in. Unsure of his role in the royal family, he has become secretive and sulky and, despite his privileged life, feels trapped and undervalued. He will have a pivotal role to play in the troubles the Kingdom is about to face. Where will his feelings lead him? Loyalty or freedom?

Watch this space!

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