Sunday, 2 June 2013

Explorer Socklets and the Shop of Requirement!

These two are equipped and keen for adventure. With map and compass in hand, they waited eagerly for their first trip out into the big wide world.

And then this half term holiday they finally got it! They accompanied me on a treasure hunting trip to Midhurst... find the junkiest junk shop in the history of junk shops. There was no more room for anything to go in and space only for one person at a time in the narrow walkways left between the mountains of stuff. If two people wanted to pass each other, and they frequently did, one had either to back up the stairs or leave the shop temporarily for it to happen!

It was like the Room of Requirement (Harry Potter books) in a shop and this side was totally inaccessible, even if someone wanted to buy something! If you like that kind of place, have fun hunting through = )

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