Sunday, 9 June 2013

Historical Snails

Have you ever wondered what snails have been like throughout different historical eras? Have they evolved? Have they stayed the same? What did they eat?
A while ago my nephew was studying Archaeology at university and one of his tutors made him do a project on gathering historical evidence through snail shells (WHAT???!!!) and so I made these for him for Christmas that year!

Obviously stone-age snails were tougher and more hairy than the ones we have today and usually carried a spear as well as a shell.

These snails are from periods of history where military strength was essential for ruling the land: Julius Caesar from Rome and Boudicca and Henry VIII from Britain. Poor Caesar snail suffered the same fate as his emperor namesake, there are backstabbers even in the snail world and his shell couldn't save him. I suspect a blackbird! A young fit Henry still has his early vigour but customary colour and beard, and Boudicca has knives coming out of the side of her shell to deter predators!

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