Saturday, 13 December 2014

Simple but FAB birthday Cake!

Husband's birthday was this week so we used the star shaped cake tin we usually make a Shine Sprite cake in for Mario obsessed son and baked a simple star shaped cake.

Here's the FAB and clever bit... we used a biscuit cutter to cut circular holes out of the start points and just filled the resulting holes with sweeties!

The top is just sprinkled with icing sugar but could just as easily be iced (except I didn't have enough icing sugar for that) and the extra pieces places around the edge for easy scoffing!

The sweets were Smarties, jelly beans and Haribo but could be anything of your choice and the little dark pile of sticks in the centre were some cake sparklers I found in with our birthday candles.

Here it is when they are lit too...

Of course you don't have to have sparklers, you could cut another hole out of the middle and increase the sweet quotient =)

And the idea would work well with any other shaped cake. I will certainly be doing this again!

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