Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas in Covent Garden

These are the decorations in Covent Garden this year...

They are like gigantic snooker balls hanging in the air above the central well where the cafe is.

I know I'm obsessed with the Dr Who invasion theme but they really ARE like Toclafane or the eggs from Dalek casing, ready to descend and cause chaos.

The huge glitter balls fascinated me and I wondered whether, if you could zoom in far enough with a camera, you could see the whole of Covent Garden reflected in them, or even a tiny me with a camera, taking their  photo?

In this one you can certainly see the yellow barrier with the crowd round the outside of it and the scattered cafe tables of people down below in the centre. Now those images are less Dr Who and much more Minecraft in their blockiness  = )

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