Sunday, 28 December 2014

A Squid for Christmas

Have you ever wanted a squid for Christmas? Well you might now.

Husband loves to draw this character he made up

on a variety of tablet surfaces. So I sewed him one for Christmas from purple jersey fabric (jersey the stretchy fabric not the jumper or the island across the Channel).

This is how it turned out.

In the drawings he has a lot of hobbies, including playing the guitar...

but by comparison, the sewn one has taken up the banjo, see below

If you feel the Need for Squeed (Squid... sorry) all I did was draw out the rough outline of the body and 4 wavy legs from newspaper, cut that shape out twice from the fabric, then cut 2 more pieces of just the legs and about 6cm of body above them. I sewed the front body and legs to the half body and legs and repeated that again for the back of the body. That gave me 2 halves of a body, each with 4 legs complete. Then I sewed front body to back body and, hey presto, a squid with 8 legs (and a slit up the middle for stuffing and hand sewing together.

Being so stretchy a fabric it needed very little cutting on curves to stop it buckling and stuffed easily.

If you want to see more pics by husband, checkout...

and for Squid-tastic pics type squid into the search engine on that page and follow the Kerkal link

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