Monday, 28 April 2014

Lovely Lamps

Sainsburys have their new summery stuff in their housewares department and, while I am usually immune, I have to look just in case. It's like charity shops: if you don't go in, there'll be treasure and you'll miss it. If you DO go in, there'll usually be tat, but maybe next time!

Anyways, this time they had a lovely lantern and I didn't even hesitate for a second. It HAD to be mine! Its a beaten-up blue metal on the band and clasps, and lovely strong glass with a thick, hairy rope handle. It stands about 25cms tall and is gorgeous!

Here it is in the daytime...

and here it is glowing all piratey at night...

Two points to note: firstly it was not recommended for use with tea lights and the rim where the glass narrows did get rather hot if left alight for too long (so I didn't leave it more that 30 minutes and have since bought a pillar candle as recommended and that's fine).

And secondly... you can carry it by the rope handle even when the candle is lit and not get a hot hand.. so you really can pretend to a be a pirate!! (Yes I know you don't DO that kind of thing, but I do!!)

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