Saturday, 6 June 2015

Funking Fabulous Trees

I was always envious of my husband's i-phone. Not that I wanted one as a phone: it always seemed to be out of battery  when it was needed. But the photos it took were lovely, sharp and it could do so much on the spot with them.

Now that he's moved on to a new device, I have the phone purely as a camera, with built in editor (and occasional audiobook deliverer).

Here are some of the tree pictures it took and what it can do with them...

This is the reflection of a small tree in a pond, with the image then turned upside-down (or in fact the right way round as the reflection was already upside-down in the water) and then the colours altered.


Here is just the edge of a tree branch on a clear sky but the effects make it really misty and ethereal.

This seemingly beautiful place is in fact called "The Moggy Pond" and is a rather small body of water but somehow looks huge and serene at twilight taken on this device.  The council have done a great deal to clear it of weeds and the kind of rubbish people throw in small local ponds when they have nothing better to do and no creative skills to occupy them.


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