Tuesday, 5 May 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons... or Limes....


Some people call it lemonade but I always think it needs fizz for that. Call it what you will, here is the recipe.

You can start with as little as one lemon/ lime and finish up with a mug or cupful of drink. Here I used one of each and ended up with nearly a bottle-ful.

Juice the halves and fish out the pips.

Tip the juice into a large bowl.

Add sugar. This depends on how sweet you like it. I like to add 2 dessert spoons for each lemon but that is still quite sharp...yum!

Mix it up and then add the boiling water.

You only really need enough to melt the sugar but some people use lots and leave it to cool overnight, to get the full flavour out of the pips if they've left them in. I make up the rest with cold water 'cos I can't wait to drink it and usually make it when I feel the need for a citric acid fix!!

If you are not bothered about bits, then leave them in...

If you don't like them and prefer it smooth, then sieve them out!

Use a funnel to tip the lemony-limey-goodness into a bottle to keep in the fridge. You don't HAVE to use a funnel if you prefer to mop all the drink up off the sticky kitchen surface afterwards or if you made it in a glass jug that actually pours properly... mine doesn't!

This bottle was a left over Snapple one of my daughter's and is perfect. It keep well in the fridge for a few day (apparently) but mine doesn't usually last that long before I drink it.

If you have made it too strong you can dilute it down as you go. If too sharp then mix more sugar with a little boiling water and sweeten it up.


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