Friday, 15 May 2015

Dr Who Airfix Models: Weeping Angel

Well probably not technically 'Airfix' as they are not made by the company but you get the idea: models you can make by twisting the little plastic bits from the plastic frame and fitting them together to form the finished model.

Here's the starter kit:

The plastic kit came as a free gift on the front of a Doctor Who Adventures comic... and I can't resist a good Whovian free gift when I see it.

To make it, you have to free all the component pieces and then try to hold everything in the right place at once and then give it a good squeeze. If you do it right then you have an angel (in this case), if not then bits drop out and you have to juggle them back into place. Anyway... no glue required!

The eventual model is about 6cms high and is a distinctly manly-looking weeping angel... odd that most of the ones we've seen so far on the programmes have been rather female (or cherubic). He/ she also has huge hands!

Anyway... there were 4 in the set so more to come soon!

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