Sunday, 15 June 2014

Miniature Catapult

Here is the second part in the series of mini-weapons (and last at present as I haven't been looking for any more). It's a catapult (trebuchet - or is that something else?). 

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This is not the Y shaped stick version of a catapult but a simple firing devise made with lolly sticks, elastic bands and a plastic spoon.

The coloured fluffy pom-poms are the ammunition: light enough to go the distance but unlikely to cause any damage when they hit!

This is the first model and is made using all lolly sticks for the base. Firstly I fixed four turquoise sticks together at both ends with elastic bands and put them to one side. Then I fixed one end of the two purple sticks together likewise. After that I opened the other end of the purple sticks by pushing the turquoise bundle of sticks in as far as it will go. To hold both the turquoise sticks and the spoon  in place, twist a band across the centre. To finish, twist a band nearer the head end of the spoon.

The other type is fixed in the same way but as it uses a spare piece of dowel, needs less bands and lolly sticks. Its also less broad and fits more neatly in a pocket.

The best firing position for catapult one is to place it at the edge of a table with the spoon head overhanging so it can be bent back further. Hold either the turquoise or bottom purple sticks firmly down while bending and releasing the spoon head. 
The second catapult can easily be held between the first and second fingers and used on the run: held with one hand and fired with the other by squeezing the spoon head and bottom stick together. 

If you are prepared to clear up the mess... you can use mini marshmallows as ammunition!  Enjoy!

Ooh! I've just had an idea for something even smaller... will keep you posted if it works!

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