Sunday, 29 June 2014

Funicular Railway

A WHAT railway I hear you ask???

 My Dad always joked (as Dad's so often do), when I was a kid that it was called a 'funny-colour railway' so I didn't know how to spell it when I started the blog page and had to Google 'cliff railway' to find the spelling.

It is this...

A nearly vertical railway that runs up the side of the very steep cliff, this one in Hastings. Here are some pics on the way up.

It has a very cute little building on the front of it,

and the view you get from the top is great. there's a nature reserve up there too for grassy cliff-top walks.

Here is a picture of the cute little ticket office at the front where you start.

The town has two of these railways. This is the one in Hastings Old Town, our favourite bit. For more Hastings sights, check out the lovely B&B we stayed in

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