Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Matchbox Weaponry

I said I had an idea didn't I? One that had just leapt into my head and I'd keep you posted as to how I got on... well I've done it!

 I have made a small catapult (slingshot?) that fits into a matchbox!

I'm not saying you could make it exactly like this as my slingshot is made from a bit from a dead alarm clock that I took apart... everything from it will be useful eventually I'm sure, but you could still try it with the traditional
 Y-shaped stick.

I started with decorating the matchbox thus...

with my trusty Cropodile to make holes and set eyelets,

just to give it a slightly military, 'in the field' look.

Then tied a cut elastic band to each end of the Y-shaped metal and found relevant ammunition that can travel the distance but do no harm: NEVER let it be said that I'm dangerous!

And the final result...

What's the range? I hear you cry. Well I managed 3 metres, that's not bad for a fluffy pom pom! 

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