Sunday, 19 May 2013

ATCs part 2

This is craft  I come back to on odd occasions or when I dig up old craft stuff I've had for ages and not used and steel myself to use it or throw it!

ATC's are a small safe way of experimenting...and, if it turns out well, you feel great...and if it turns out meh, you can chuck it away and not feel you've wasted too much of anything.

This is an incident a few years ago when my daughter came face to face with a hedgehog snuffling around in our garden. As you can see from the hands, I find it much easier to draw hedgehogs and piles of leaves than people, so by putting her at the edge of the picture I didn't have to struggle to draw the rest of the body!!

Future ATC- related blogs will inevitably feature scenes and characters from Pirates of the Caribbean as that was my muse for quite a while.

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