Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Complete Model of Hogwarts

This is the last big room of the Harry Potter Exhibition and contains the huge model of the castle in all its glory.

If you look closely to the right in the photo below, you can see the people looking at the model and get some sense of scale.

There is a lighting rig up at ceiling level around the whole model and the light subtly changes from sunrise, through the day to sunset and darkness as you walk around.

 Night is not an easy light to take photos in, but you can imagine tiny miscreants creeping about the corridors with invisibility cloaks, solemnly swearing they are up to no good!



And lastly (just before the shop), you come to the wand display: everyone who worked on Harry Potter films apparently has their own wand box, named and stacked on a shelf, or piled on the stairs like new stock waiting to be put away.

There are staff in there who know where most of the names are and particularly the favourites that visitors always ask them to find. They do it with a new enthusiasm each time someone approaches them, even though  they must get asked the same few names over and over again throughout their shift.

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