Sunday, 12 March 2017

Visiting an Ice Bar

We'd seen them on TV, but didn't know they did an ice bar in London! 

This was another feature of the Chinese Lantern Festival in Chiswick (see the last weeks' blogs on the lanterns). If you book tickets online, you can book a visit to the ice bar at the same time.

It was in a refrigerated unit, with metal floor and walls lined with ice bricks...

There was a throne with a furry seat cover, so that warm bottoms didn't cement themselves on or melt a dent...

And ice sculptures of a bear looking up at the sky and a New Year Cockerel

There was also a bar made from ice and strong warming drinks served in hollow ice cubes

A very welcoming place (once you have donned a thermal coat and gloves from the rack outside and been sealed in).

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