Friday, 10 November 2017

Starting a Bullet Journal

My daughter talked me into this at the start of September and now I'm quite enjoying it.

This was the first page I did and, when finished, showed it to my husband but neither of us noticed that I had written 2016 instead of 17. So had to stick a piece of card over it!!! Not a good start but I suppose it got me over the first hurdle of it having to be perfect!

I looked up some ideas online and decided mine would contains lists (as I live and breathe lists anyway but lose them a lot), some arty doodling, a summary of the month and some thoughts about better things to come. 

Anything personal won't be online but general stuff and ideas might.

Actually, you've already see one of the pages cos I did the round up picture for Inktober in the Bujo (yesterday's post).

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