Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Pirate Ship in the Garden

Yes I know, I'm a big kid! I blame the beauty of Cornwall and its rich history of ships and the sea. Anyway, while I was on holiday (in Cornwall) I bought a pirate ship in a toy shop.

It was surprisingly detailed, loaded with accessories, and ridiculously cheap - only £4.99!

Here it is in situ in amongst a cluster of plants in a raised pot.

As it is all plastic, it suffers no damage when the plants are watered and has little holes through the deck and base so water drains away.

The planting is meant to resemble huge waves through which the ship is cutting a swathe.
And these are all the left over accessories I haven't even used yet!

When I get round to using them, I'll let you know!

(Actually it also had a pirate zombie captain and mate and a golden shark but I couldn't see myself making good use of them so gave them to the mum of a  five year old in the caravan next door as they arrived at the caravan park and we left on the same day. sometimes you have to let the kids have the toys!)

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