Saturday, 18 January 2014

Happy New Jack Sparrow!

(CAPTAIN! Captain Jack Sparrow)

You know I have a Pirates of the Caribbean fixation and that Jack has been my muse for SO many arty projects.... and you know that I have a VERY talentented friend who makes wonderful woolly stuff (and much that is not woolly besides). 

WELL when you combine the two facts, as she did this Christmas, this is the result!

(And she hadn't given him to me till this week cos she wasn't sure I'd like him... WTFlip???)
Size-wise his leg is about the length of a 50p and, having put his pic on her Facebook page (which I was banned from looking on till he was finished and received), his clone brothers now retail at £30 if you can't live without one.

Here he is getting to know his other incarnations: made by me, market sellers, Disney and Lego.

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